The story of Bachelor Bat Colonies...
The male bats take no responsibility in raising
their babies (called pups).

A colony of male bats is called a bachelor colony.
When All Wildlife Removal Service catches a bat in a house we always take the
time to determine the bat's gender. Most often during the summer months,
bats that are found inside the living quarters of your house (separate from the
attic) are male. These are also the bats that end up in your basement.

The male bat has the option of roosting during the day in weather conditions
that are more comfortable than the
female bat, who has to tend to her babies.
Often if the attic is too hot, the male will go into a home's interior plumbing wall
- which also provides access to the basement (where, of course, the
temperature is more comfortable). This is the same wall that holds the
chase-pipe, which runs out the top of a home's roof all the way to the
basement and equalizes the plumbing pressure.
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