Frequently Asked Questions for All Wildlife Removal Service...
All Wildlife Removal Service is "one-stop shopping" for taking care of your animal nuisance
concerns, from start to finish.

We begin by taking care of the symptoms: removing the animals that have taken advantage of
your home's weak spots.

Then our competent and accomplished carpenters do complete repairs to your home, such as
installing new gable vents when the old ones are not repairable and metaling off areas with
precision by custom-fitting using our metal brake.

How do we do it? Here are answers to some of our most often asked questions...
Is this a free service provided by the State or county?
No. This is a private, professional business. Some people recall a time when local governments
would remove nuisance animals for private residences or businesses. However, as
wildlife/human conflicts grew, the government was unable to keep up with the demand.

If you have a
domestic animal concern (with a dog or cat), or there is a wild animal that is sick or
, the government can help - call your local Animal Control office. (We recommend looking
in the Blue Pages of your phone book to find the number for your local Township office.)

But if the problem is of a nuisance nature, you will need a private Wildlife Control company such
All Wildlife Removal Service to help you.

Does someone have to be home for the inspection?
Not normally. When a proper inspection is performed it should be done on the outside of your
house with the use of ladders. We are looking for openings through which animals gain access.

Once we find the opening(s), we can determine what type of animal is in the house based on
droppings, tracks, size of hole, and location. For example, if we find an apple-sized hole, we can
rule out

How do you charge for your service?
What does your fee include?
All Wildlife Removal Service will give you a price for the complete job - "soup to nuts," as they
say. That job (and it's price) will include trapping and removing the
nuisance animals, complete
expert repair of your home and the damage caused by the animals, and a
written warranty that
the animals will not return for a full year! If the nuisance animals find a way back in to your home
within your warranty period,
All Wildlife Removal Service will return and fix the problem FREE

Do you charge a fee to first set up traps and then "per animal" caught?
Although many companies do charge this way, it is another sign of an amateur. If you pay a set-
up fee and the company catches only 3 of your 5 nuisance animals, your problem is not solved.
It's like paying someone to cut half of your grass.

Do you need to set traps inside my attic or basement?
Absolutely not - traps should always be set outside the house. Only an amateur would set traps
inside a home.

Many animals will not enter a trap on the inside because traps are generally baited with a food
source and nuisance animals don’t
feed inside, they sleep there. Also, within a home it is often
not possible to place traps in a location that is close enough to successfully trap.

Another reason to set traps only on the outside of a home is that, by law, the person setting the
traps is legally bound to check those traps
every single day. In most instances, it would be too
difficult to schedule the daily trap checks if it was necessary to enter the home.

Who checks the traps – you or me?
We will check our traps every day -- not you. Again, professional wildlife removal companies do
NOT have clients check traps. A professional trapper should make a catch nearly daily. If not, they
must make adjustments so the job is done in a timely fashion. And again, by law all traps must be
checked daily and that is the
company’s responsibility - not yours.

Can you remove a dead animal carcass from my property?
Yes, in the unfortunate case where a wild animal such as a deer, rabbit, or goose has died on your
All Wildlife Removal Service will take care of wildlife carcass removal for you. If the
dead animal is on public property, call your local Animal Control office.
If you have any questions regarding animal control situations or
wildlife pest removal that have not been answered here, please feel
free to call our office. We'd be happy to help in any way we can!

All Wildlife Removal Service
(732) 656-0088
Servicing for Monmouth, Mercer, Middlesex, Ocean, Union,
Hunterdon, Morris and Somerset counties of New Jersey.
What parts of New Jersey do you service?
All Wildlife Removal Service proudly takes care of many areas of New Jersey. They include
Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex, Somerset, Hunterdon, Morris and Mercer counties. If you
are outside of these areas, please feel free to
contact us anyway. We will gladly help you choose
the right animal control company for your needs. It may also help you to peruse this website
further, researching
what to look for in a wildlife removal contractor and/or the ways that All
Wildlife Removal Service
properly handles your nuisance wildlife problems. For example, check
out our
Squirrel Job and Bat Job pages for detailed information on how we'll get rid of those
pests and keep them from coming back once and for all!
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