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get rid of problem
An increase in the population of Canadian geese
throughout the country has, for many, turned into not
only a nuisance, but also a real conflict between humans
and wildlife. Not too long ago, the Canadian goose was,
in fact, nearly extinct. But the birds have experienced a
population explosion in the past 40 years, and though
many of  the geese previously migrated for the winter,
they now are much more likely to remain in New Jersey
Most of the conflict between geese and people stems from the birds choosing
public sites to live, feed, and breed. Common nuisance and damage complaints
are of goose droppings and feathers (molts) in ball fields, public parks and
beaches, school yards, golf courses, and lawns. Also, geese are known to be
aggressive towards people when nesting young and are considered a serious
hazard to air travel.

So with all of these issues - a fairly recent addition to the nuisance animal control
slate - how are geese to be controlled? Frankly, they are amongst our most difficult
cases. Geese are protected by many wildlife laws and each state differs in
protections offered and control techniques allowed.

Quite simply, no two cases are alike, but at
All Wildlife Removal Service, we
take a multi-pronged approach. Goose management programs typically consist of
several different tacts, which often include practices such as: putting a non-toxic
chemical in food decoys on the property (which causes a squeamish reaction in
geese but does them no long-term harm); birth control techniques to help limit
the population; harmless ultraviolet light beams used during nighttime hours,
which causes the birds annoyance and discomfort; planting patches of rough
grasses to make their feet uncomfortable; and erecting fencing.

It's important to "harass" geese 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, until they decide that
your location is not a good place to live. In order to do this, one must try many
techniques. At
All Wildlife Removal Service, we believe that if you want to rid
your property of Canadian geese, there is no other way than through persistence
and patience.
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If you would like further information on how
All Wildlife Removal Service can help you get rid of problem Canadian
geese and other
birds throughout Monmouth, Mercer, Somerset, Middlesex,
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