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According to the New Jersey Division of Fish
and Wildlife, twenty-two species of snakes call
New Jersey "home." Only two of these species,
the Timber Rattlesnake and the Northern
Copperhead, are venomous. The Timber
Rattlesnake and the Corn Snake are both listed
as endangered in New Jersey, while the
Northern Pine Snake is considered
"threatened," and the Northern Copperhead is
listed as a "species of special concern."
All snake information on this page courtesy of
New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.
Snakes are valuable to us because they help to control the rodent and insect population. In fact, almost
without fail, when
All Wildlife Removal Service is called to help with a snake concern at a customer's
home, that customer also has either a mouse or rat problem on their property. As long as snakes have this
readily-available food source, they will be present.

There are numerous conditions which attract snakes, and eliminating or minimizing these conditions will
help to reduce the possibility of a snake encounter. For example, piles of debris, trash, or pet food that are
not properly contained will all attract rodents, which will attract snakes. Mulch is also attractive to snakes
because it generates heat as it decomposes, thereby creating a warm basking spot for snakes. Some
snakes, such as garter snakes and milk snakes, are often found near homes and in basements.

Although it is difficult to perform a trapping and removal program for snakes in the outdoors, if they are
getting into your basement or crawl space, a seal-out can be performed to prevent snakes from returning.
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