All Wildlife Removal Service of New Jersey
can get rid of
problem birds such as
Sparrows and Starlings...
Starlings and sparrows are two birds that are not native to North America but have certainly
made themselves at home here in  Jersey! They can cause a lot of damage to homes,
restaurants, stores, and other buildings because, as cavity dwellers, they gravitate toward human
structures. Each year in early April, starlings and sparrows begin looking for suitable nesting
spots. Common structural spots that these birds prefer include: the roof and soffit lines of
dormers, openings in soffits, corners of roof lines, exhaust openings for bathroom fans, and
kitchen stove exhaust fans.

Ideal remediation for eliminating birds is to go into the problem area and pull out all of the
nesting material. In some cases this is not possible, at which time we at
All Wildlife Removal
make every effort to remove all material that is accessible. In some cases the amount of
cutting to the building that would be required to remove the material makes this job cost
prohibitive -- especially when dealing with starlings, who have a tendency to fill a cavity
completely with nesting debris. (There have been documented situations of starlings filling up a
50-gallon drum's worth of nesting material that was pulled out of one cavity!)

In some instances where a home or business has a long duct-run, it is possible that the owner
may need to contact a duct company who would use a vacuum to remove the rest of the nesting
material. Once the nesting material is completely removed,
All Wildlife Removal Service
will make proper repairs to the structure with a complete
seal-up of the area.

Infestation by
birds such as sparrows and starlings cause many reasons for concern by home-
and business-owners. Perhaps the most important is the risk of
bird-related illness such as
histoplasmosis and salmonella, or parasites such as bird mites and bird lice.

The degree of importance that must be placed on these pest-related conditions should not be
All Wildlife Removal Service can rid your home or business
of many other nuisance wildlife animals as well.
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  • Histoplasmosis, for example,  is a respiratory disease that may be fatal. It results
    from a fungus growing in dried bird droppings and is carried through the air.

  • Salmonella is recognized as "food poisoning" and can be traced to pigeons, starlings
    and sparrows. The bacteria that causes salmonella are found in bird droppings. Dust
    from droppings can be sucked through ventilators, air conditioners, and exhaust
    fans, contaminating food and cooking surfaces in restaurants, homes and food
    processing plants. This should be cause for concern to home and business owners
    who discover a bird in or near their vent or exhaust fan.

  • Avian lice and mites thrive on birds and in their nesting material. When young birds
    vacate a nest, the parasites continue to live there and will eventually look for another
    host, often times entering the building on which the nest is built and making a host
    out of the humans that inhabit the structure. These pests, nearly invisible to the
    human eye, can multiply into the thousands in just a few weeks time and are very
    difficult to eradicate once they have inhabited a dwelling and found a host on which
    to feed. For this reason, it is crucial to include a thorough disinfection when
    removing birds and their nesting materials.
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