Aggressive wild turkeys have become the publics problem in New Jersey!
All Wild Turkey pictures on this website courtesy
Robert Hoague and the Wild Turkey Hunting Network.
The Eastern Wild Turkey is found
abundantly in the state of New Jersey
and most of the eastern United
States. According to the
Wild Turkey Federation, an adult
male, called a tom or a gobbler, can
grow to a height of 4 feet and can
weigh up to 20 pounds! A mature
female, called a hen, can be nearly as
tall, but weighs considerably less -
between 8 to 12 pounds.

Both genders have long, powerful legs and are born with spurs that, on the males, grow to be about
two-inches long and curved. These spurs can be used as defensive weapons. Turkeys can run up to
speeds of 25 mph and can fly up to  55 mph!

Reports of aggressive wild turkey behavior are not at all unusual. Turkeys have been known to
"stalk" humans and pets. Because they follow, literally, a "pecking order" within their own species,
they will consider humans to be inferior and will go to great lengths to assert their dominance.

However, methods of handling these aggressive turkeys vary from state to state. Because the
species was relatively endangered some 80 years ago, preservation efforts commenced and some
degree of conservation and protection of the species remain today. In fact, in some states - such as
New Jersey - the protections have in fact been widened.

Please contact New Jersey Fish & Wildlife  609-292-2965,  for your aggressive turkey concerns.
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