The All Wildlife Removal Service Warranty

Once your home or business is sealed against future invasion
by your particular
nuisance animals, we will back up our work
with a one-year written warranty. You can rest assured that if
that type of nuisance animal finds its way back in within the
one-year warranty period,
All Wildlife Removal Service will
come back and fix the problem, free of charge! We will also
offer you the option to renew your warranty near the end of the

We are not a company that will pick and choose what areas we
warranty. Our warranties cover the entire structure.  
companies that give dubious warranties that only cover
the areas where they treat, not the entire structure.
a sign that they'll take advantage of the fact that buildings shift
and move, expand and open up over time.  These companies
count on animals exploiting these new gaps, creating a reason
for you to call them again.

Before we extend our warranty we will re-inspect your home or
business to make sure that the building is tight and our work
will continue to withstand those same type of animals entering
it. If necessary, we will seal spots or gaps that might have been
created over the course of the year due to normal wear and
tear, extremes of weather, and of course, animal activity. The
reason why we are proud to offer you our warranty is because
we are so confident that our work will make the difference in
keeping your home animal-proof.
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