All Wildlife Removal Service will get those nuisance raccoons
out of your home or business - and keep them out!

The Raccoon Job

If a raccoon moves into your home or professional building, All Wildlife Removal Service will go about the process of removing them and keeping them out in much the same manner as we would any other wildlife nuisance abatement.

After trapping and removing any skunks that currently live on the property, All Wildlife Removal Service will perform a complete exclusion on your deck, shed, freestanding garage or other structure to keep skunks from digging dens under them.

In an exclusion, a trench is dug around the structure approximately 1-foot below the ground. Then wire is attached to the bottom of the structure and led down into the ground in an L-fashion, so that the wire looks like a book laying on its side. The trench is then back-filled, leaving your structure with a permanent barrier to keep skunks (and other ground-dwelling animals, such as groundhogs) out for good!